V-Coins Combines the Best from the Blockchain World,
while Honouring Real World Values

We are redefining what blockchain technology looks like

ICO Started



3 months

Minimum Investment

10,000 €

Minimal Target

10,000,000 €

Saturation of Investment

200,000,000 €

Blockchain That Interacts
with the Real World

The blockchain technology that underlines V-Coins also interacts with the real world, as it needs to transmit the information about the new mines and requires the users to deposit the value of 80%.

Flexible Payment Option


Bank  Paypal  CreditCard  Bitcoin Ethereum

Why Will V-Coins Succeed?

On the technology level, lightweight, yet fully KYC-compliant blockchain makes VCS stand out as the market leader of its own when it comes to the blockchain technology.

VCS wallet that stores V-Coins and other blockchain assets has its own distinguishable features:

  • Military grade multiple layer encryption so that nobody, not even V-Coins support and administrators can sniff around your wallet and digital assets.
  • Ability to recoup lost assets and “kill” the wallet remotely in case of physical damage or loss.*
  • Duress password so you can safely say “That’s not true, see my wallet, Honey, my password is CityWeMetIn#YearOfFirstBaby” or prevent much more severe intrusion.

What Makes VCS Wallet So Secure?

Key To Success

The private key is incredibly important in communication to avoid interference. This is the key to all your secured data. We do not know it. We have a “public” version of it in the blockchain, which is created by random movements of mice or swipes over touch-screens.

Then, the public set of keys are transmitted via secured communication channels described above. Data are encrypted using ECC technology, and they are therefore not visible or readable to anybody else in the blockchain unless you choose to do so (for compliance purposes you must reveal certain files like a passport or ID scan).

Resistant to Brute Force

VCS wallet and the container of public blockchain component of VCS wallet are bulletproof and resistant to brute force attacks. Based on the sensitivity level you can pick, after the set number of failed login attempts to your wallet within given time frame, you can choose to lock it.

Wallet access is only established with a handshake with the rest of the blockchain. To obtain access, a secure connection to some of the trackers in the VCS network is necessary. If this fails, your account will be blocked and further, depending on your preference, after a brute force attack has been suspended, you can be notified and your assets blocked.

Fully KYC Compliant

Holding privacy and KYC compliance as the core of our blockchain idea, in cooperation with partners (including several academic institutions), we have developed a triple layer security technology, based on 256bit AES and 2048bit SSL to communicate, and the encryption technology of the future 521bit ECC — ecliptic curve cryptography.

Your signature carries many of the wallet parameters, but also your compliance data, such as PDF scans or selfies with official documents. This makes the blockchain quite heavy, as modern devices generate files in 100s of megabytes, and there are several of them for each user in the blockchain.

Despite the size of information our blockchain carries, it is still lightweight and econ-friendly compared to other existing solutions

Do not worry, we are heavy regarding information, but we are lightweight, and we optimize resources. You participate, too! You are doing it right now, by helping our system transmit information and “mine” cryptos. To not “overcrowd” blockchain, KYC component of a user’s data will not be distributed to all users, but rather to the closest 30 peers.

Besides keeping the blockchain “light” and therefore relatively cheap compared to other KYC-based solutions, we also offer the user the opportunity to maintain the backup of their KYC-related data on the blockchain. This unique feature makes our blockchain stand out in the world of resource-hungry and “fat and heavy” solutions.


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V-Coins is created for entrepreneurs who seek to accept digital currency in “coming of age” digital economy.


Sign up today and save up to 18% of the initial V-Coins offer. This opportunity is available until 15th November when our ICO becomes publicly listed on Initial-Coin-Offers.com as a pre-ICO offer. On 15th November 2017, the ICO begins.

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